The Renaissance art gallery

Created by: Spencer Lake, Ethan Lin, Noah Mott-Cooper       Here are some examples of what art you would see if you would have lived in the Renaissance Era

The Miraculous Draft of Fishes is an example of Renaissance art because of the actions being done by the characters in the picture. It makes the art look as if it is coming to life with the details.
The Outstretched arm is a Renaissance project. Back in that Era, the people focused on the body definition. This is only part of a future masterpiece. The sketch shows the muscle and lines on the hand
In order for the Pictures to look real in most art, people had to know how bones and muscles work in order to make the actions in the art to look real.
In this piece of art there are multiple people. Each doing a different action. The young females are dancing together, while a figure that looks like a hunter is reaching for fruit.
This very realistic picture includes a woman with her hand over her heart. Not only is the girl realistic but also the background of the picture. She is reading out of a bible.
Not only did artists focus on the body, but they also cared about facial features on their art. He looks like he is studying something in the distance.
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