My gallery theme is coastal and it represents the cool and calm environment by the ocean. The water, sand, cliffs, rocks, grass and flora are shown in these artworks and give off a relaxing environment. I have chosen this artwork because I have a love for the beach and looking at coastal artworks gives me a nice feeling of calmness and tranquillity. Peace is a word that most people think of when they think of coastal. The coastal environments is a very photogenic and are always being taken photos of because of its beautiful warm and cool colour's being contrasted with the deep blue ocean.

The artwork “sunset on the coast” by Winslow Homer effectively portrays the coastal with pastel blue colour's, waves crashing on the shore and the feeling of happiness and joy is represented through this artwork. “Views across Frenchman's Bay from Mt. Desert Island, After a Squall” by Thomas Cole shows a sense of serenity and fit the theme of coastal effectively with warm colour's of the sky mixing with the cool colour's of the ocean and sand. Finally another artwork that shows displays the coastal atmosphere is “The Rocky Beach and Cliffs at Fécamp” by Edward William Cooke and shows the rocky side of coastal as well with natural environment.

I would also like to thank my sponsor Surf life Saving Australia for the inspirational when they help people drowning in water each and every day.   

Post Modern Frame
Subjective Frame
Structural Frame
Cultural Frame
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