Ocean art

These paintings are all of ocean views and seascapes. I find them to be extremely relaxing or exciting to look at depending on what is shown. Here are some of my favorites that I hope you enjoy too.

This is a painting of a beach by Charles Conder. The ocean view, although basic, shares the theme with my gallery. On top of that this piece is very simple and relaxing to look at.
This is a painting by Thomas Cole. The main focus of this painting is the huge waves crashing against the side of the cliff, creating an exciting image to look at.
Here we have a photograph by Carleton Watkins. This shows towering rocks over a calm ocean side during low-tide.
This painting by Conrad Martens shows the Sydney Harbour in the distance. Although the water doesn't make up most of the art work it is still the main theme of the painting.
In this painting by John F. Kensett we have a beautiful seascape with some boats and a big landmass in the background.
In the painting shown here by Maurice Prendergast we see many beach goers along the water front enjoying the weather as well as some boast going by in the background.
In the painting shown here by eileen M. Whitaker, it shows fireworks launched over San Diego shortly after the sun has set with the city lights scattered about.
In this photograph by Carleton Watkins we see an estate on the cliff side in the distance, overlooking the ocean to the left.
In the painting shown by William Clark we see one main sailboat in the foreground as well as a few others in the background and a landmass as well.
In the photograph by Britt Mikkelsen we see a couple by the sea side at sunset with an umbrella blocking some light. The ocean is calm and gives a relaxing feel.
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