Riley York's Favored Works of Renoir

There are some of the works of Renoir I most enjoy, which include portraits, landscapes, and party scenes. 

This work was first seen at the Impressionist exhibit in 1877 and is viewed as one of the most important of his work in the 1870's. Renoir was a French painter widely associated with Impressionism. It is very vibrant and blurry, almost resembling a photo. People are cut off and in motion. It depicts a scene of Parisian life, a very lively, joyful party. I find this piece very soothing and enjoyable. It's cool colors convey a feeling a calmness.
Painted by the French painter, Renoir, this painting was most likely painted as a result of Renoir's desire to paint young women, shown by the many paintings of his depicting them. It is an Impressionistic work and is not dated. It is very soft and elegant; the woman wears a happy expression. It is very peaceful and the colors contrast nicely together. I enjoy its smooth strokes and simplicity of the pose and subject matter. The woman also has a lovely shade of hair color, what looks like a mix of red and blonde, and a very nice hat.
This painting depicts Renoir's nanny, Gabrielle, holding his son, Jean. It is Impressionistic, as is all of Renoir's work, and has a very soft air to it. There is also a feeling of delicacy in the brushstrokes and subject matter. I like that it is a very sweet and simple painting of two people sharing a moment. It is something that would be a photo nowadays, your nanny holding your child and playing with it.
This Impressionist painting is the best known work of Renoir. It depicts Renoir's friends as they dine, drink wine, and converse. A variety of people are shown here, from the upper class to what look like sailors. I enjoy this painting because its\ expresses the feeling of motion and closeness among the people. They are all having conversations you could almost imagine overhearing.
This Impressionistic piece of Renoir's takes influences from the likes of Watteau, Courbet, Fragonard, and Monet. The subject matter itself is a reference to the Rococo time of art without the same amount of sexuality as the period contained. It is very light subject matter, two lovers in the forest, with subdued colors and light peeking through the forest canopy. It captures the fleeting moments, like many Impressionistic paintings did, of the two lover's lives. I like the lovely textures of this piece, which give it a light and delicate air. Though this work does not have incredibly intricate detail, you can still see the details on the small plants, on her hat, and their faces.
This is a piece of two people, thought to be lovers, by the French Impressionist Renoir. They are in a large field of flowers, created with dabs of color, and the woman is holding a parasol, thus the title of the painting. I like the way that it almost looks like the scene is being seen through the frosted glass panels of a shower. It also is interesting the way the entire painting is mostly created with small dabs of color. It is very different to see it up close, despite the fact it looks fairy detailed from afar.
This work was created during a time in Renoir's life when he was very disillusioned with Impressionism. He painted the piece with the idea of showing the authority and power of the figure sitting, who was a famous composed of the time. I enjoy this person's red hair, and he has a wonderful mustache, which serves to add to his masculinity. The wallpaper on the back is very pretty and elegant, and the small stokes of light colors serve very well to add a hint of light.
This painting is an Impressionist work by Renoir. It depicts a woman leaning on a chair and looking off into the side of the painting at something we can't see. She is wearing an elegant hat and clothing, and the composition is very smooth. I like the almost regal but casual air to the painting, like this woman could be royalty but is not acting powerful or important. She is just another portrait by Renoir, one of many.
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