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This may be fairly messy but it fits the man portrayed. The chalk was an excellent decision; it showcases wear and tear but also elegance within his old age. As if to say I lived a very long and beautiful life.
The use of zentangle in this particular image is what makes it all the better. It creates the illusion of a tree by filling up space with other intricate and basic details. The use of white and black makes it more presentable as well; leaving all of the color in its surrounding.
The color is very vibrant in this painting, and the face sticks out because it has almost no color on it. This piece stuck out for me because of the gentle and intricate details, and the amount of emotion in this character's face. How they clutch the apple dear to their heart. How there is almost no emotion in the face creates emotion; it creates a sense of thought or maybe depression.
This piece just struck me with it's color and texture. How smooth it appears to be, and how palpable at other spots in the painting. The shading is very gentle and gives youth and life to this woman.
Very hypnotic to my eyes, this piece is intriguing because it creates the illusion of depth. with slight shading, and by leaving few bits of the picture blank, highlights and shadows are born. the stripes in this also add to the illusion because they wrap around and curve with the depicted shapes.
I admire the ability to paint or draw on any surface that isn't flat, and this piece uses it to it's advantage. Applying really curvy and close lines to create plant-like patterns. It is simple yet very detailed.
The use of colors as lines, shapes, and outlines really adds to this work. Using white in the center makes it even brighter than it seems, and makes the other colors more vibrant as well.
The unity on this container is very obvious. By using the same color and shapes in a variation of sizes unity is developed. It feels bright and strong.
A lot of the detail seen far away in this sketch is accomplished with simple line variation. To create a shadow there are just more lines added to a certain part of the sketch. No lines or little lines show brightness in the image. This technique is something that made this piece all the better and more impressing.
The wood in this wall art presents really nice textures and depth. The natural grain and color of the wood is art in and of itself. The contrast between the red within the wood, and the green on the wall rounds out this piece nicely.
I thought this was a really cool technique picking away at the wall to add detail and shadows. Leaving certain pieces of the wall to add light and peeling away, strategically, other parts adds depth. Her face is so bright and elegant on one side, and the other is very raggedy or damaged. It is a pleasant juxtaposition.
The deepness of her eyes is exemplified by the dark shade of blue. creating darker areas around her eyes really makes them the focal point (especially since nothing else was added to the wall. However, the blue doors are also a good touch; how the artist matched the two colors.
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