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This is a fragment of a head of a Pharaoh. It used to be on a pedestal or a stand.
This is a Blue Lotus Chalice. It would be found is a tomb.
This beautifully carved head comes from a nearly life-sized statue of a god. It is from about 1850 BCE.
This is the mummy of an ancient priest,Ankhhor.
This is a coffin of an ancient king. He was embalmed around 900 BCE
The scarab, shaped like the dung beetle, was the most popular amulet in ancient Egypt:) The rest were special in different ways.
This ritual knife was used by priests to sacrifice animals.
Mirror made of silver and copper alloy.
Funerary stele of the priest Hor, depicted presenting offerings to the sun god.
This is a silver drachm oj Ashdod, it is rare. It was created in around 500 BCE
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