Kody's Western Frontier Museum

The wild west has been depicted through art since the 1700's. This is a time period that bring upon the cattle drives, cowboys, Indians, and folklore tails. Many of these stories consist of courage, conquest, survival,  persistence, and the new boom of cultural diversion.  This was a significant time period for american and helped develop the growth and function of this great country we live in today; not to mention that this is also my favorite type of art.

Fredrick Remington is favorite artist by far. Most of his works, like the one shown here, are paintings of event take place in the wild west. This art piece shows the "wild" times of this period.
In this time, you did not need a degree to be a doctor. Scary huh? Imagine someone in the 20th century getting medically advised by a man that knows nothing more than your own common knowledge.
this was the trend before Nike was made. Its hard to believe that people once wore boots for as an every day apparel.
This painting shows the simple life in the old west. These are just four ordinary men that are trying to make a living. Moving from one town to another herding cattle and moving livestock.
Before there was a local super market on every corner; this is how the native people had to get their food. They hunted and gathered to survive.
This painting by Charles Russell shows how problems where once settled. When there was not any enforced law, you became the law. It would be interesting if everyone carried gun now days.
This is one of my favorite painting in this gallery. I like the rustic outdoor feeling that this work gives out. Sometimes I feel like I would have fit in during this time period.
Before sports took over, the rodeo was where the action was found. Bull riding, bucking horses, and spurs won the attention of most of the population. However,I still find going to rodeos entertaining
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