The Power of Colours

Colours create art. Art create colours. Colours create life. Create art with the power of colours.

This picture suits The Power of Colors, as all the colors go together and no colors look out of place. The colors are white, black and different shades of blue. The way that the different colors are being used, make a calm picture.
This sculpture show that different shades of green can create different sorts of trees. Also, this piece of art shows that there are more ways to create trees tahan just paint them.
Niagara is an amazing picture. The colours and the texture used in Niagara make the water and spray look like they are might be moving. The colours definatly suit this picture, you would'nt think Niagara falls is red!
This is a colourful, bright picture. The colours very suitible for the theme in Three girls in yellow straw hats, as they are cheery and happy.
This is a gentle, calm picture. The colours make it sort of look like a setting or rising sun. This shows that paint isn't the only way to do art.
In Abstract painting, the colours go together really well. It is possible to see a lot of different things within all the colours. There are not any strong, bold colours, so this picture is a relaxed painting.
In The European Roller, the bird stands out as it is in the center of the image, and the background is white. The birds colours rae cool colours, different shades of blue, black and brown.
Cries and Whispers is and emotional sculpture. The dark, rich purple on a shape such as this brings up the feeling of Cries and Whispers.
Relief; Rythms is made up of bright colours. The colours that are in this picture say more than words.
The colours in Starry Night say everything Van Gogh is putting in to his artwork. The town under the stars aren't bright yellow, but nice cool colours.
The light and dark colours in this picture say that this picture is either at dawn or dusk. The rocky mountain looks really effective.
These colours can work together really well, as this picture does. If you look closely you can see a seated figure within the painting.
The colours in this piece of artwork create this picture to make it have a feel that it must be set a dawn or dusk. The colours are calm.
In this painting, the creativity stands out. The shapes and different shades of blue, create the figure of an archer.
The ollive trees in this picture look like they are glowing under the night sky. Only cool colours are used, except for the yellow. The colours blend together.
The colours used in this painting are of of all different shades. The dots, that are spread evenly, makes a sort of your eyes go a bit funny.
The colours in the wall looks amazing. The different sizes of rectangles with the neon lights give it a modern feel.
The colourful lights in this sculpture make the sculpture look almost unreal. The dots and dashes look really cool.
The colours that make this picture are solid and bold. Many different shapes can be seen within this painting.
The Olympic Torch stands out amazingly in this picture. The Olympic Rings and stars with a blue background stand out as well.
This picture is made up of many different colours that show a bay during the day, sunset and night. The colours look awesome and suit this picture.
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