it is delicate and have fine brush strokes
I like how the person in the portrait looks serious
I like most of it but not the blue background with the blue shirt
it has a delicate look to it
it is a get blend of colours and the shades of yellow,orange and red mixed in the dress
i like how the artist has used the dark colour and the bright colour together but it looks very natural
i like how the light and neutral colour have been used to make the people look realistic and the way the different brush strokes give different details
i like how the artist has added all the little detail to the portrait and how realistic it looks
i like how the little and large detail show through in this portrait
I like how the light and dark colour are both in this portrait and the style it is in
I like that it has a messy type fell to it when you look at the brush strokes. but when it together it blend well
I like how there is a mix of different colour and the way they all blend together
I like how all the colour are smoothed out and how the artist has blended them together. I also like how it looks delicate
I like it all and the way it has been done carefully