colorful mythology (Yernaz Ramazanov)

Mythology is the general and impartial theme, that I think is interesting for everyone. Modern people are really into the fictional worlds. We can see it from the ratings of movies watched and games played in our time. In my humble opinion and experience many people are positive about color after Dali's artworks. So here I am describing artworks Mythology subject-based with using colors.

This artwork called "Centaur mosaic from the Villa Hadriana" drawn by unknown author is a good example of mythology, because of the centaur. You can see a variety of non-saturated colors used
Dark tones of red and dark background make this picture really contrast. Also if you spend more time analyzing it you can see the story. I consider it as a mythology picture, because of the angel
Some kind of Greek mythology drawings with using a variety of dim and saturated colors. We can see battle and statue which is participating in it.
Artwork called "Aeneas and the Sibyl" shows not only interesting usage of color, but the perspective and contrast. I see the battle between creatures and human, but it also look like a speech of a man
Really bright and warm tones of blue and yellow gives describes a mood of the picture while it's content conversely is something tragedy
Recognizable contrast between a man and background in color tones. We can see a shot with arrows man bound to the tree, but at the same time we can see that he is an archer by laying bow near his legs
Very saturated colors that remind me Salvador Dali's style of painting. Also I see the point perspective technique used. What is depicted is an angel fighting against a Demon
The first thing that strikes the eye is a well detailed and highlighted angel striking a bunch of human beings. I would rather say that it is a punishment.
Dark tones closer to grey shades on this picture. Women holding someone's head confuses the viewer, but all I can say is that she is mourning
I am not completely sure if this artwork is a mythology, but it really reminds me of Heracles. Boy who beat a lion and sitting on his victim while holding a sheep
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