Renaissance art!

By: Jianna Malone, Kayla Ormond, Cody Lyles

This anatomy of this human being shows realism because there are human-like details on this drawing.
This painting is focused on religion of Christianity, which was important in everyday life in this era.
This detailed drawing shows realism, because of the shadows and different textures of these hands.
This piece of art shows religion, because of the angel coming down from the heavens.
This painting by Raphael shows realism, because this shows the horse in live action which happens in everyday life.
This drawing of a man, By Raphael, shows realistic characteristics of human being.
This famous iconic painting of Jesus and his disciples for the last supper of Jesus' life before he was crucified, shows religion, because the iconic picture of Jesus is in it.
This sculpture of Moise shows realism, because of his exaggerated and detailed forms.
This portrait of a man shows realism, because of his attire and his facial expressions.
This painting of everyday life, focused on the mother and her child shows realism, because they all wear brightly colored attire and are caught in motion.
Credits: All media
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