Portraits in northern europe

Portraits during this time had so much attention that the people looked like they were actually there. The artists painted the people as if they were performing actions. The women were even painted with extreme detail and they were painted as individuals. 

This portrait is an example of how people were focused as an individual.
Women were not important figures in this time but this women got a portrait painted of her since they focused on individualism.
Women were not looked up at but the individualism had women more focused on.
Women were painted with extreme detail, they were painted with jewels that reflected light and made them stand out as an individual.
This man is painted with so much detail that he even has movement in his fingers and he looks like he is doing something.
This man has so much detail that you can see the fat rolls in his chin and the individual beard hairs.
This woman has her skin painted extremely pale, and her dress has a lot of detail and design in it.
The man is playing with his hat strings like an actual person would, and his hands look like he was performing an action.
This man is painted with such attention that he has wrinkles in his face and different colored beard hairs.
This kid is painted with so much detail that his jaw-line looks rigid and is actually made of bone.