The Glory of gold's Importance

The use of Gold as a figure for deity like creatures even in art shows how important a person would be, It makes them look more important then if they were any other color showing their greatness that they want you to think.

This gold statue of Rahula Makes it seem like he is a mighty deity with his many heads, arms, and snake like lower half. You can tell that he looks like an important person from the fact that it is gold.
Just by looking at Guhyasamaja Manjuvajra you can see he is a powerful person with the swords in each hand but being gold it shows that he is not just any war or powerful like deity and shows his importance through the color of gold.
You can see Kalachakra and Vishvamata. If you gave them A different color it would never gave the importance powerful feeling and thoughts of this statue if it was made of stone or marble or clay.
Shiva seems more powerful as gold and being such a high deity you can see the more importance in him being gold along with his many arms. Seeing the other beings it also brings out symmetry.
You can see the Sakyamuni Buddha statue and his position combined with the back of it showing this person being some great figure. With gold it shows just how much more great of a person he might have been.
This statue of Nike the angel on a chariot seems more magnificent being made of gold sculpted in such a great design to show her strength.
This statue of Siva shows great importance with many arms and stance standing upon something to show he is high up. This shows that this person is high up and shows greatness through the gold colors.
The Lord of Soil Sabdag, is a lord of the soil who despite his look he still gains an important look from the design that he is the earth's soil and which a golden tree growing from him showing that he has great importance over growth of the plants of nature.
This pendant shows to be an interesting sculpture that shows has some importance added to it through the appearence of being in gold.
You can see the Samvara in its stance and you can see the importance of this high up being is showed through the colors of gold it was made from giving it a glory like look.
You can see in this statue that it is a ceremony of some importance. Because it is important what color would fit best, gold. Being in gold you can already expect it is of great importance.
You van see the statue of two and you can tell they must have been important in some way due to the gold and even more so due to the many arms and hands.
You can see how important this scene was when durga defeated the demon buffalo. This seen is show to be of great importance to those who saw it because it was gold. This most likely was the point of it.
Despite the gold not being as gold looking you can see the importance of the guardian king of the north. Sitting upon his beast and the way he sits gives off he is great and the color gives an even greater feel of how important he is.
This one is one of my favorite with the overall design and many arms. The detail, design, and look complimented by gold gives it a great grand look of importance that they are powerful in many ways.
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