Gabriela Brito Value: Element of Art

This image is an example of high contrast because there is a certain spot on the image that may show importance to the whole image. All colors of the value scale are not shown.
This image is an example of low contrast because the it contains mainly low values of the value scale. The image also looks a bit faded.
This image shows the the meaning of value scale. It shows the progress of lightness going towards darkness.
This image is an example of unbalanced value distribution because there is no balance between darkness and lightness. There is more lightness than there is darkness.
This image seems to be an example of balance value distribution because it looks as if theres an even amount of darkness and lightness.
This image is an example of a volumetic value because the figure cast shadow making itself look as if its 3 dimensional.
This image is an example of cast shadow due to the darkish figures behind the two kids. The shadows are not on the kids therefore it is not an attached shadow.
This image shows an example of an attached shadow. As seen on the right side of the man's face is darker than the left because of the man's own shadow. The man's chin also casts a shadow on his neck.
This image is an example of Atmospheric Perspective because the two organic figures are dark colored and in the distance you can see that the space is being used as farness.
This image is a great example of Chiaroscuro due to the light source shown in it. The dark background in the image also is needed so the definition of Chiaroscuro can be true.
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