Era of Reform

The U.S. is changing

Frederick Douglass was a former slave and a abolitionist leader who persuaded people to join his side and to fight slavery. He also was a writer who write many books, he even wrote a narrative of his life. He also helped in the underground railway.
This narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass talks about Frederick Douglass's life, what he did and how it did things. It's a pretty neat a artifact if you think about it.
The underground railroad was a tunnel/path that lead many slaves to their freedom. The path lead to Canada and other several parts of north U.S. where slavery was banned. Harriet Tubman lead the underground railway with many others including white people who assisted her including Frederick Douglass.
Slaves were treated horribly but there were slave owners that feed the slaves good meals and gave them places to sleep. That is only a tiny bit of the slave owners though. Many abolitionists tried their hardest to try to end slavery. Slavery did not end until the late 1960s. This pictures shows all the slaves this slave owner owns they do not seem too happy to work for him.
Harriet Tubman was a former slave who wanted to make a change. She also was a abolitionist leader. She was the leader of the underground railway and was helped by several other people including, Frederick Douglass. She was a very inspirational person, she even was a armed spy in the civil war. She is now supposed to be on the 20 dollar bill.
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