the Innocence Corruption

This gallery shows children fighting to keep their innocence in a world where society tries to rip it away from them.

In this picture, the red paper represents the two young children's innocence. The two young children are trying to reach for it, but society, represented as wind, is taking it away from them.
In this picture, the horse is an innocent figure, and all of the colors inside of the horse are the society's beliefs. They are trying to force the horse into their beliefs.
In this picture, the monkey represents a young, innocent child. The child is trying to hide from maturity, but the alligators, society, are trying to force the monkey to lose innocence and mature.
In this picture, the blue bird flying away is trying to get away from the harsh society, trying to fly away and hide. The other birds are the society.
In this picture, there are two black goats in a throng of white goats. I see the black goats as the rarity of innocence in society. The white goats are overpowering the black ones.
In this picture, the baby is a young, innocent child. The rose is the child's bright, pure mind, and as the rose fades from bright red to greens shades, the child's mind is turning less colorful, being corrupted by society.
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