The Exquisite Renaissance Art Gallery

Made by: Lauren Meraz and Calista Bennett

The pragmatic, muscular, masculine features show how artists showed great patience to create detail. The artists acquired a great amount of knowledge to make the human body look realistic in sculptures. Plus, in this time many people remembered their classical roots. Click on the video above to enjoy some music that the artist may have enjoyed.
In this dazzling piece of art 13 men including Jesus are sitting at a long dinner table enjoying a feast. All of the characters in this scene are displayed as having an ordinary meal. They all look very realistic.
In this piece of art it shows the time that artists took to learn about the human body to create realistic looking pieces of art. The artist who created this picture was trying to improve his skills of art on the neck and shoulder.
In this piece of art you can see how medival artists characterized certain characters in their artwork. For example one of the characters has a halo drawn around his head, this symbolizes that he is Jesus, God or just someone holy.
In this picture you can tell that artists back then took their time making beautiful works of art. You can notice how the hair on his face looks almost real and that shadows are used to make him look much more real.
This picture is more of a sketch. This is a picture studying the outstretched arm so that artists could improve with their work, knowing how everything in the human body worked and how it should be displayed.
This picture defiantly belongs in the renaissance. Stories and folktales about brave knights saving beautiful maidens were very common, and people in theses times created many creatures in their heads such as the dragon in this picture.
This painting captures how perfect and detailed this renaissance artist created his art. Many artists like Dürer used ink to create precise lines and features to create an alluring painting.
If you want an era where artists created a sense of depth in their art, choose the Renaissance. In this painting you can still clearly see the mountain in the background, but it is smaller and more realistic than the art of the Middle Ages.
Dark contrasts with light in this painting. This shows how much knowledge the artist had of painting. Also, the people are correctly proportioned and are created in a realistic manner.
Credits: All media
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