Positive Ways to Help the War Effort during World War 2

In this gallery you will find multiple propaganda posters from World War 2. In these propaganda posters you will see various ideas on ways the U.S. government told its citizens on the some the best ways to support the war effort during World War 2. These ways can be anything from buying war bonds to conserving food and rations and anything in between.

I present this piece as part of this gallery and as the first piece because this was one of the main ways the U.S. government funded the World War ! and 2 but this particular piece was made during the second one. Also the actual content of the poster is soldier asking if you have done everything you can in order to help the war effort and that includes buying war bonds.
I present this piece in this gallery because it shows how women can help in the war. Also during World War 2 the men who were working in the factories left to go be soldiers and fight so with empty factories they still needed someone to help run the factories. So all the women went into the factories t produce things to aide in the war effort.
I present this piece to show that you can take a job to help in the aide in the war effort. Railroad workers were need during this time because the railroads were used to transport any and all war supplies to the coast were they would be shipped to Europe or the islands near Japan in order to help fight them.
I present this piece because it show you can take war stamps which are pretty much the same thing as war bonds which are used to aide in the war effort. The historical context of this piece is that war stamps and war bonds are used to help pay for the war and return you can use it later to get your money back and then some when the time of the stamp or bond is out.
I present this piece in the gallery because it shows how you save your fats from cooking can go to help the war effort and even tells you where to take you fats if you want them to help. This piece also shows on how you can create explosives from an easily obtainable product and can use to help the war effort.
I present this piece in my gallery because it shows that when everyone helps anything is possible and that includes winning a war that is very important in history. The historical context of this piece is the the planting of the flag at Iwo JIma and is a popular world war 2 piece in itself.
I would present this peace as my counterpoint to all of the others. This piece is a counterpoint because as all the other pieces seem much more positive as opposed to this one. This piece means if the U.S. citizens were carelessness and not supporting the ongoing war effort, it would help because there isn't as much support then and all help helps the army. The historical context of this piece is that the two people depicted here are the rulers of Germany and Japanese during World War 2.
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