Line In Architecture

The windows in the photographs are a perfect example of line as the one on the bottom have a round line to make up the top while the ones on the top have a straight line.
The buildings on the left of the painting show a perfect example of line. The columns in the painting showcase line making the building more detailed.
This painting shows an intense amount of line. There are curved lines going up the tower that split the levels and make them appear smaller.
In this photograph the ceiling best represents line. The ceiling has curved lines forming arches to make the ceiling taller.
In this picture, which is the same building but at a different angle, we can see the lines on the walls more clearly. These lines form arches adding more detail to the room.
At the top of the building in the background there are lines to from a fence for decorating the roof. Line in this building also helps to create more detail and a 3D effect.
This picture shows line in Greek architecture. There are three lines forming a triangular roof at the top. There are also small lines above the bottom columns to give more detail
Line is displayed in the columns in the hall. The lines come together to create a loop in the columns showing indents making the painting more in depth.
Line is clearly shown in this picture in the details of the wall. The wall in the background has straight lines forming molding that is popping out from the to form rectangles.
On the building on the right in the back there is multiple uses of line. Straight lines on the roof are drawn closely together to imply the texture of the roof.
Line on this building as a means of detailing the building. Curved and straight lines are used to create crowning on the building and make the building look grand.
Line is used in the background of the image. The columns uses lines to form a square look to them. Also near the top line is used to create a geometric look to the top.
In this model line is used to crate the pointed arches on the building. All the lines in this model have a certain intensity to them to create an intimidating looking church.
Line is used in this painting's architecture for the molding and detail of the buildings. This shows how line is used for creating intense detail in building.s
Again this image shows how line can be used to create an intense amount of detail. The curved lines at the bottom come together to create tall arches. It is also use to imply the texture of the roof.
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