Melissa S.W. 2nd Gallery

10 paintings

a) I chose this oil painting because Van Gogh is my favorite artist, and I love his oil paintings. I was hesitating between the cafe and the other starry night painting but I chose this one because it is original. b) I wonder which city the landscape is? c) I don't really know what message Van Gogh is passing but the message I personally see is that it is important to enjoy a beautiful view especially when you are old, because you never know when life will end.
a) I selected this piece of artwork because during Book Bowl I read a book about this painting and I love it so much!!! This painting is so mysterious and I love Johannes Vermeer. b) What is the lady writing? A novel, a letter? c) The message is: there is no more powerful force than art and writing.
a) I chose this painting because while browsing through the Vermeers I saw this painting and it was so mysterious so I chose it. I like mysterious paintings, when there is a thoughtful expression on their face or you can't see their face. b) What is making this young girl so tired and makes her need a rest? She is not old so she shouldn't get too easily. Unless she isn't getting enough sleep. c) I think that the painter is painting: your emotions are so overwhelming sometimes, you have to back away from them and take a break.
a) I chose this painting because I find this painting extraordinary and the building!!! Amazing!!! Because I wish that this building really existed! It makes me think of a Roman Coliseum but even more special! b) Does this building really exist? c) The message is: no creation is too big or too complicated for a human.
a) I chose this painting because it is a great inspiration for my clay house. I love the countryside colors too! b) Did the author paint his own house or is it his dream house? c) The message is: life is beautiful.
a) I chose this painting for many reasons: the main is that I love lions. Also I found interesting that the painter mixed the colors for the lion's fur and used pointilism. b) How did the painter chose his or her colors for the fur? He/she mixed many colors, but he had to chose some, he couldn't chose all of them! How? c) The message is: things are not always like they appear. Lions usually have golden fur, but maybe it isn't as it seems...
a) I chose this painting for several reasons: I love figure skating: it is my favorite sport and I want to become an olympic figure skater when I grow up. I also love the black and white on the painting; it looks like a pencil drawing. The third reason is that it shows the mother-daughter relationship and I find it very touching. b) The question is: where is the family skating? Where is the dad? It would be sad that they were divorced :( c) The message is: your relationship with your mother, especially if you are a girl, because she gave birth to you and she is a trusted person you can talk with. Your sister too.
a) I chose this painting because blue is my favorite color, and the mix with the birds and flowers is beautiful. The contrast is very good. b) Why are the little angels chasing after the blue woman?
a) I chose this painting because it makes me think of the view of the beach from the La Marsa walk. b) How can the tree be colorful when it is at night? c) The message is: enjoy your life, spend time with your loved ones and spend your time wisely.
a) I chose this painting because it looks like Hogwarts from Harry Potter in the movie the Prisoner of Azkaban and I love Harry Potter!!! b) Why did the painter chose night? c) The message is: do not fear night, it is just the same thing as the day, just in different shades.
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