Rajitha.R 8C

I have always wished to play in snow. When I looked at this deer, it reminds me of my wish to play in snow. I some how feel like this deer is playing catch with it's friends.
I love this art piece because the hatches are amazing. All the grasses are not leaning the same way . I also like the colors. Vincent van Gogh had changes the strokes or the direction each of the grass goes.
The reflection of the shoes are so realistic. Van Gogh also used contrast colors to make the shoes more stand out.
I like this art piece very much because it is so realistic. The dark spots in those two feet have been clearly displayed and so is the reflection. The lines or the stokes on the feet are different than other. What I am trying to say is that I have all the strokes are going in different direction.
Since I like village side where there no pollution or no traffic noises ans stuff like that, this lace looks to have it's own freedom form all those pollution and etc.. This art works explains me that how silent or peaceful it is to live here.
Credits: All media
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