Life Full of Color

Johangely Rivera Fuentes

This is a very impressive piece and most importantly in a huge wall in Philadelphia. I chose this piece because of the union of vibrant colors and the big touch of orange around it.
Much people don't appreciate the work of art that is on the streets. I love this type of art and I chose it because you can enjoy the mix of colors, the shadow and how it was made.
This in particular is VERY colorful. Having in mind that the "normal" is a red rose, in this case there is no such thing as "solo" color. Vibrant colors are the best way to express the creativeness.
Black and white are colors too you now! This is a beautiful and classic piece. Having the simple touch of black and white is a nice touch to keep it nice and smooth. Not everything has to be vibrant.
If you look up close your going to see that the colors are opaque and in lines, but from a distance you can enjoy the colors. Its a great way to see the difference between close and far.
I love this piece. Its a great painting and the way the flames are structured, is amazing. I chose this because first of all, its because of dance and also its in flames. Its very bright and vibrant.
Nature is Mother Nature's art. She expresses her self with beauty and uniqueness and with the materials that we have, we make it more beautiful and let the world what we have. This is a unique piece and its powerful in a way because it connects everything in one way. The color, the texture, and what is beyond it.
Paint in the can is the best way to spread color around you. I love this because by street art, is a great way to open up and share with others your feelings and thoughts.
This in particular looks like a lego pieces. No matter the way you express with art, is art! I chose this one because is very creative, colorful and open-minded.
This looks like a medieval piece because is like crystals and color. There is a great combination with the fish and with a floral tree. Shining crystals and color is the reason I chose this for color.
This is an interesting piece, its called Garden. I can see the idea, so much color and you can easily get lost in the colors and its like an actual garden. When your in a garden you can get lost with all the flowers and wonders.
Like I said before, street art is an amazing art. Having a splash of colors and imagination is a great way to express yourself. When people actually appreciate your art is what makes you go on with it. I chose this one because I love street art and the colors are very bright.
Connecting countless dots of color... It is impressive to see this type or art. You can see the patience and dedication on the work of art. Being specific with the colors you want to use, where to do it and the type, is admirable. I like it because I can see it, and also the colors that are used in this are great and shocking.
Sunsets are beautiful, the paintings are amazing. This one is great because of the texture, the game between the colors, the water and sky. Its an amazing work and great managed color shading.
I love this, having an idea at first, drawing the patterns and making the way and suddenly you splash the color all around and let it drip by it self. Colorful and unique.
Credits: All media
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