An analysis of The Other; altered views of one party in art.

This painting is from frontier America. The other in this painting is the Native Americans portrayed. The Natives are portrayed in this painting as savages, out to scalp the defenseless woman and child.
In this painting, the sumo wrestlers are portrayed as happy, innocent big guys while the what seems like managers are described as nasty or mean-looking. The painter is showing how the managers corrupt the sport.
This painting has a sort of happy, or carefree kind of tone, even though in the painting, there is a man that has been crushed or ran over in the background. This shows how blacks in early America were almost "sub-human", and their deaths were not important.
This Korean soldier may appear hostile at first glance, because he is not what we are comfortable with. But, he is holding a soccer ball, appearing just as humane as any other soldier.
Because we are not from Korea, this picture of Korean actors waving their flag may make us uncomfortable, while all these people are doing is showing their patriotism to their country.
This painting shows that our perception of The Other can be negative for us. While the soldier may be escorting Christ and only doing his job, we see him as the bad guy immediately, when the man that appears to be Christ's friend has a sword to his back.
In this painting, the crows gather around the dead body of a sheep calf, waiting to see it. They see the dead carcass as food, while the sheep sees it as it's child. If the crows saw the dead sheep as something other than food, they would not seem so evil in this painting, and the darkness around the crows would not be as justified.
Christ has different opinions, views, and beliefs than these soldiers, so the soldiers see him as a threat. Because his beliefs are so different, his humanity is taken away in the eyes of the soldiers, causing them to mock him. The see Jesus as The Other.
This is a statue that depicts what aliens might look like if or when they come. This makes us uncomfortable, but why? We see aliens as a threat immediately, when they could be very peaceful.
This statue shows how we see technology as a threat, because it is The Other. Robots and technology itself are seen as threats because they are different from us, when we have no way of knowing whether it is a threat or not. Media only increases our discomfort with The Other.
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