DEW 12 The Renaissance

Being the period immediately following the dark times of the Middle Ages, Renaissance art showed revival of Greek and Roman ideals. The art of the Renaissance focused on human beauty and the mystery of the natural world. Artists worked hard to perfect their skills, and it shows.

In this painting, it seems as if Mary the Virgin is reading to Jesus. The figures aren't extremely realistic, but the detailing on Mary's clothes makes it seem more "alive" because of the wrinkles and folds in the clothing.
Here we see a great example of shading because on the left side of the wall, it is darker, but on the right side of the wall, it is much lighter which might mean that this was painted outside.
This very famous painting by Raphael is about the death of Jesus. Here we see extremely detailed figures of Mary and possibly some of the apostles surrounded Jesus. The clothes in this are also very realisitc because of the way they seem to be moving around.
In this portrait of Pope Julius II, the Pope is wearing the traditional red robes. Also in the back there is some great detail put into the chair. But also the Pope seems frustrated and confused which mean that this could have been commisioned at a time of trouble for the Church.
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