These images have been selected together to represent this exhibit; portraits. I chose these images in particular because they all exemplify a form of realism. Throughout the course, my favorite unit was 'realism and perspective' (module #5) and I decided to continue my desire in this exhibit. I chose each photo based off three concepts within the course, realism', 'linear perspective', and 'cubism'. The first four photos possess both 'realist' and 'linear perspective' qualities. In each image, there are objects in the background, which create the illusion of the person being in the foreground. Additionally, each photo uses the technique of shadowing to trick the eye into thinking that the person was in fact there at that specific moment in time. The technique of shadowing is used to perfection in John Everett portrait of Mary Endicott. Behind Mary, the table seems to disappear slowly away from the portrait. Mart seems to be in the foreground, because a shadow (casted from her back) creates the illusion that the table is behind her. The use of reflection and light also convey a sense of realism. Francessco Hayez (portrait of Carolina Zucchi) uses shadowing and light techniques to further the illusion of distance. The way Carolina Zucchi (assuming it is in fact her) is leaning, and the way the shadows play off her posture indicate that she is leaning away from the light. Although the photo by Juan Gris does not resemble the others, it does illustrate another form of 'realism'; cubism. Cubist artists were more concerned with presenting multiple viewpoints of the same subject. In the photo, the features are not as distinguished as in the other portraits. However, the facial expression looks as if it is representing two forms of viewpoint: a frontal view and a side view of the subject. Although the photo is cubist in nature, the artist still uses shadows to portray distance. 

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