This painting is named April by Antonio Fontanesi. It caught my eye, by the way it looks, sort of mysterious. The texture of this painting looks a bit watered, like spread out, the lines are not completely straight. The color palette used is darker toned, besides the sky which is light. There is a lot of space in this picture things are spread out.
This piece is called Spirit by Karoo Ashevak. The texture is not soft, it looks either like a piece drift wood or bone... probably drift wood though. The color is a off white almost a dirty white. The lines are not really defined. I love the detail put into the eyes and mouth.
The Horse and the Rider is one of my favorites by Unknown. the colors on it sculpture are just beautiful, all sorts of blues. The texture looks to be smooth. Not many straight lines. There is no real separation from the horse and his rider.
Schuttbild by Hermann Nitsch is a wonderful painting. My personal opinion is that it looks like the blood left from a mob of zombies, the foot prints were a great touch. Only the color red is splattered onto a white canvas. I love this, that the lines barely mean thing to the artist. For tone in some parts of the painting the red is darker than other parts which could mean more paint was used.
First of all I would adore running on these stairs. Bariestesia is very intersesting. The lines are very defined and sharp. The color is just black but honestly it looks prestiene just black. The texture appears to be smooth.
This photo seems kind of sad and or mournful. The colors chosen were just simple black and white but it fits it very well. The lines are not straight a bit blurred I might say. Texture looks soft as if the child I'm guessing is on a blanket or ground. It over all is a very lovely picture.
Right of Return(By Themselves and of Themselves)is a clever name though I do not understand it's meaning. This ring of chairs is hanging from the chords or wires from the ceiling. There are many different chairs in the circle, but they are all wooden. The colors of the wood range from darker wood to lighter. Not one chair is toughing the ground.
This piece of art is beautiful. The color literally pops from the stone, the carved writing makes it even more unique. The texture seems to be jagged at the edges, it wasn't cut perfectly. The color is a teal/aqua marine. The lines are not straight.
Death is always happenening, whether it be a person or a flower. The colors are darker, ominous feel, for maybe the fact Death is staring over his shoulder. The lines are not really straight. The texture looks rough, just a lot of paint texture. what would you do if Death played the fiddle over your shoulder.
The lines are not straight and there is a lot of blending in the painting. the colors go from lighter in the sky to darker heading down to the ground. The paint texture is or looks smooth. I chose this painting because I was attracted to the remains of a building that had once been.
I chose this piece of art because I really wonder what she was looking at. The is a lot of color detail in the skirt of her dress and the rest of the colors are kind of plain. the Texture you can tell the artist did a lot of defining to make the wood look like wood. There is a lot of space in the window at the top of the painting.
There is a lot of space in this, especially in the air where the kites are flying and the distance the kids are away from the town. The tone in this painting goes from light in the sky and darker at the ground. The lines in this all looked more smudged so there aren't really any lines.
I chose this picture because I am a lover of music. The lines are defined in this, you can really tell the difference in the people an the plants and the water. The colors make it seem like it is a little bit later in day, darker toned down colors. The space in this painting seems kind of cluttered.
I chose this picture because, I also love trees and the way this picture is set up is just gorgeous. The color is just black, white and grey. The tone is very light because of the snow and then you just have this amazing tree in the middle of it all, with words written all over it.
I chose this picture because it seems interesting, I believe it is wood. The texture doesn't seem to be smooth looks more rough than anything. I picture or painting that this is has trees painted on it, and the color is whites, greys and blacks. But for all I know it could be a piece of medal. The lines are all over the place.
I chose this picture because it looked cool. It looks to be made out of glass and some molded glass but also neon lights. The lines go from sharp to curvy because of the wires. It would make a great table. The shape of this art piece is square pieces of glass stacked on top of each other. In between each layer is the cris-cross neon lights that are blue and orange .
The question still sits in the back of my mind what is she looking ahead to? The lines are not sharp, the drawing looks sketched almost incomplete. The drawing disappears at the middle of her arms. The colors used are just grey and white, seems to be sketched with a pencil. The tone is very light.
I chose this painting because I thought it was pretty. The colors are very sunset, purple, oranges and white. Right in the middle is a girl apparently writng a letter. She could be sitting on a bench. The lines look like the painting water colored base. There is no real form to this painting.
I chose this painting because I love trees. It seems to be about Fall time because of the changing leaves and all of the leaves on the ground. The form to this painting is pretty simple, just the trees and the ground. There is not a lot of space in the painting because the trees are pretty clustered.
Personally I hate when couples do this at the theaters, it is just kind of annoying. The colors used in this piece of art though are beautiful, there are many of them. The lines are kind of jagged looking up close. The tone to this piece is on point though, and so is the texture.
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