From Ctiy Streets to Ocean Waves - Jose Leno

The gallery that is in your presence showcases phenomenal abstract artworks of local transportation. The transportation that will be presented in this gallery ranges from automobiles and trains to small boats and large ships. This collection will focus on watercolor, acrylic, and oil based paintings, crayon drawings, and photographs of transportation.

Carro Tartaruga, or Turtle Car, is a photograph of an old Beetle car painted to resemble a turtle. Since the car is abandoned in the street, it is a great canvas to paint something on it. The elements that pop out the most are the colors, shapes, and lines. The use of a light green, gold, red, yellow, and pink gives the viewer the artist's interpretation of how a turtle would look like. The squares and lines on its shell and skin gives the car some detail and texture.
The acrylic painting, On Bravery, shows a small red car ramming into three colored glass bottles. The painting may look like a child did it, but the heavy brushstrokes of colors is what makes this painting look more abstract. The shape of the wheels look like they are moving forward at a rapid pace. The artist's use of analogous colors emits a pleasing transition within the story of the painting.
Similar to the 'Turtle Car', Carro Camaleao (Chameleon Car) is a small old car that has been abandoned and painted over with a blue and red pattern and a chameleon on it. The chameleon is the main focus of this piece, but viewer can get distracted from the simple pattern that rest in the background. The chameleon may not look like a real chameleon, but a viewer can conclude that it is just by the shape and abstract pattern.
The "Landscape with a Train" painting depicts a train engine and cars running on tracks. The shapes of the train is what stands out the most and makes the painting have an abstract look. A lot of circles and quadrilaterals were used as well as a few triangles and irregular shapes. The lines of the train create the illusion of the train moving.
In the Train in the Mountains (Tunnel) painting, a train engine can be seen coming out of a tunnel and making its way through a small town. The lines that are used in this piece guide the eyes from the main subject, the train, towards the little town below. The amount and the placement of the shapes give off an abstract feel to it. It may also be noteworthy to notice the contrast of the darker and lighter shapes which could contrast what is dirt and what is smoke or a shadow.
This watercolor abstract painting, a part of a collection called The Channel Sketchbook, depicts some small boats sailing through rough waves. The first thing that is recognizable is the deep blue color of the ocean. The lines that the brushstrokes creates tell the viewer that these are not calm waves. The brown figures are assumed as boats. The artist used simple colors and little brushstrokes to identify each subject of the painting and not actually shape each subject. The use of dark colors for the sky and water suggest that there is a storm going on.
A second watercolor painting from The Channel Sketchbook shows what looks like a shipwreck being engulfed in flames. Similar to the previous one, the straight lines, made by the brushstrokes, adds a more dynamic feel to the image. The dark colors still suggest that there is still bad weather going on. What draws more your attention is the red color as it is representing flames flaring out of the ship. Smoke is also depicted by the black brushstrokes next to the fire.
Trains Passing by Frank Hinder is an oil based painted depicting what looks like to be multiple trains passing by. The artist uses a lot of different shapes and colors and that's what really make this artwork abstract. Each rectangle could possibly be a train and the shift in value of the color may suggest that the trains are moving at a fast rate.
This 1978 crayon drawing, called The Prison ship 'Malabar', shows a simple drawn ship with eight different colored individuals aboard it. The lines of the ship are simple and it may look like "skeleton" of the boat, perhaps a foreshadow of what is to come for the individuals that are imprisoned in the boat. The space is a major principle that can be described. There's so much black space around the boat. Perhaps the blank space suggest that the ship is lost or that the individual don't have a clue of what is going on outside since they are imprisoned.
Composition no.3 by Jacoba van Heemskerck is a phenomenal painting that shows a groups of small sail boat on a small lake. The use of different types of lines makes the piece have an abstract feel to it. The sharp, straight lines of the boats draw your attention to them. The curving, smooth lines on the trees and water smoothly transitions your eyes towards the sight of the boats. The angle of the boats and the ripples of the water make it look like everything is flowing away from the viewer. Beautiful colors were used in order to grasp a natural look of the lake and its surroundings.
Credits: All media
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