elements of art 

Texture- The detailed lines make it look like its almost has swirls and a hard rough texture.
Color- The flowers and every thing else in the picture look's like almost different shades of colors and different shades of the colors.
Line- It looks like most of it was just thick and thin lines over each other and shaded darker and shadows were created to make it look realistic.
line - id say its line because . its kinda made up of different lines that are short, thick and skinny.
Shape- Its shape because this piece of art it made up of different shapes that wee put all together.
Space - because theres mostly space theres two mains things the water and the piece of land and the rest is extra space .
Texture -Its texture, because it looks like it has texture but it really doesn't it appears to be fuzzy but when you look at it, but when you feel the painting you can feel its just flat.
Movement - Its movement because the cars are going fast, so it looks like a longline of bright colors
Credits: All media
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