D-day invasion

Ally invasion of normandy

This picture shows the Allies leaving the boat to the beaches of Normandy.
This is a picture of the beaches after the initial attack. It shows the confusion of the soldiers and the speed in which they had to set up some defences
This painting is a really great representation of the amount of defenses the Germans had set up prior to the invasion.
This image shows the amount of people that were injured during the first few waves in the attack.
This image shows the massive amount of sheer power that the allies had brought with them.
This image shows the large amount of garbage and rubble from the constant fighting, from bombing to shelling.
This image honors the lives of those who fought on the beaches of Normandy, giving their lives so that our country could live on.
This image shows the barren wasteland that these beaches were. there was hardly any cover for ally soldiers on the beaches. Due to this there were many causualties.
This image shows again the barren beaches. Although this was taken assumimngly after the battle due to the ships in the background
This image shows some of the fighting that went on. Many of the German encampments were on hills giving them the high ground and leaving the allies with no choice but to charge these positions.
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