Mankind is nature, though he has forgotten.             Nature has not. By destiny sharples

The art work I have found to share with you are subject based on nature. The following pictures and paintings depict movement, texture and contrast. I searched for the most meaningful and easily interpreted works for this gallery. We sometimes forget that we are also nature so I choose works that show use in contrast to the Earth because that's how man sees himself. 

Nature had grown by this man made gated entrance once. This piece uses the visual element of contrast to make it so appealing. The artist uses dark colors to set the mood but uses just enough light to enhance the darkness.
Men sculpted the earth to build a sewer system. These business men look much different then the earth behind him. The artist choose to use black and white to emphasize the men's size compared to the sewer. Movement and contrast is captured in this photograph.
This photo is of a recycled sculpture that depicts that nature will be and grow wherever it can. Contrast is represented by both colors as the pallets and the green grass but also contrast by objects of something mad-made vs nature living together.
The photographer was trying to capture the man-made bridge, built with ingenuity with business men utilizing it for the first time. The visual theme used here is contrast of color with the back and white film as well as motion being captured as the men are walking and the water is slowing moving.
The artist of this panting used texture and movement. The almost look like they are slightly blowing in the wind. From the garden in the front of the picture to the house in the back, the artist gave us a feeling of texture using colors. You can tell what t he laves feel like and what the house would feel and look like up close.
This artist also used motion. The wind is gently blowing this small tree. The artist used light colors for the tree to show emphasis.
This artist used a wide variety of colors to depict the changing of the seasons. A train is captured in the back. The smoke of the train shows movement as well as the artist painting the train in the middle of the picture you can also imagine it traveling forward on the track.
The meaning depicted behind this art work is that man is one with mankind, we come from the same origins. The zebra and the woman are about the same size. Although they are very different creatures, the artist made them look like they belong together. Contrast was used to show emphasis.
The artist of this painting used contrast, motion and texture. The rugged water leaves the viewer seeing the mist that the rapid creates. You can also tell the direction the water is going. The artist used colors that gives the scene a sense of intensity.
Marco Ricci used like colors with the slightest variation to depict motion of the water and the downfall of the rain. People are featured strained by the power of the storm.
Credits: All media
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