Art Element: Texture

I think that the actual texture of the floor and dresses contrast well with the smooth skin to ground this picture and add movement
The texture of this painting adds a mythical feeling.
The shiny smooth texture of these objects works so well with the flat texture of the base. It makes me want to touch.
I love the texture of the blanket the model is lying on, it looks so comfy, and even though the colors of it are cool, it seems to add warmth to the piece.
The actual waxy texture of the flowers in this piece bring the flowers to life
In this piece, the texture of the white cloth against the smooth background draws me in.
I love that without clear lines, but using color and texture, the image of a cat can so clearly appear.
the grainy texture throughout adds dimension, and also contributes to the darker mood in this piece.
The various textures add interest and definition to this piece
I love the visual texture of this whole image, it makes me want to dance.
Credits: All media
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