Chinas culture

I chose this picture of pottery because the painting on it .The interior wall of this pottery basin made of red earth is painted two sets of symmetrical, black-glazed human face-and-fish motifs. It is believed that this basin served as a child’s coffin cover, and therefore that the patterns combing human face and fish are related to primitive Banpo religious symbolism. is important to the culture.
I chose this because the detail that is painted on the bowl with clay represents something. Each group has 5 dancers. Each group of dancers stands for a different type of culture.
I chose this picture because i find it odd that this "coffin" as they say is what they put the bones and flesh of a human in after they are unearthed.
I chose this picture because each detail on the lady that is painted on this picture has a meaning. From the way her hair is put up in a bun, to the way shes wearing her belt.
I chose this picture because I find it very interesting that this silk painting was discovered beneath the lid of the coffin, indicating that it was intended as a funeral banner that was expected to guide the soul to the Land of Immortals.
I chose this picture because this case was found with red pepper inside of it. It is said that this case is believed to be a make-up case.
I chose this picture because it is the detailed painting on the case in the previous picture. The detail of this painting stands out, you can stare at the painting for a long time and still see interest in the horses and humans in the painting.
I chose this picture because i find it interesting that this is used a funeral banner.
I chose this picture because of the story behind this painting. It is believed that the main character on this painting is the dragon. The dragon is described in very great detail.
I chose this picture because this picture was found in a tomb with a husband and wife. The painting begins with images of the Sun and Fu Xi, who is believed to be the first of the Three Sovereigns of ancient China, and end with the Moon and Nüwa who is a goddess best known for creating mankind and repairing walls of the heaven in Chinese mythology.
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