Texture of Gods

This gallery is about mythological gods and the textures used to depict them.

In this picture we can see Ganymede tending to a bird. The color and texture of this sculpture give it a very pure type of of a feeling. I think this works because Ganymede is depicted caring for an animal.
This is a sculpture of the Greek god Neptune. The gritty texture of this sculpture gives a dirty kind of a feeling. I think this counterproductive since Neptune is supposed to be a god.
Here the sculptor depicts a satyr coming on to a nymph. I think the glossy bronze lecture works for this sculpture. The bronze color represents dirtiness of the satyr and the gloss represents the clean nymph.
In this sculpture the god Adonis is morning with Venus and cupids. It appears that something has happened to Venus. The texture is fitting because bronze gives the viewer a deep feeling.
In this this painting we see the power of Thor against giants. The texture of this painting gives it a murky look as if you are in front of the action and the dirt is in the air.
This old black and white drawing has a kind of worn texture. I think this texture makes the image look like a flashback. It also gives the image some warmth. Warmth and the oldness is very fitting for this drawing.
Here we see mythological figures in a battle. The artist seemed to use water color which gives a very interesting texture to the image. The water color texture gives the darkness different levels of depth. It makes the battle seem very dark.
This painting appears to depict Venus and Mars to be "making love." The texture of this image is kind of old and crusty. The texture would make a viewer think that the image has been around for a very long time.
Texturally this painting is very different that the rest in this gallery. This one has a very bright, pastel and new texture to it.
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