Madonna and Child GalLery

by Tiffany Chan

Painted by Duccio di Buoninsegna in about 1300. The Gothic painting is warm with color, especially Mary’s dark gown versus and the bright background. Body features such as hands and feet also look real and three-dimensional. Nevertheless, the facial expression of Mary and Jesus is a bit cold and less human.
This is a Madonna and Child by Durer, a great Northern Renaissance artist, in late 1400s. The picture includes not only Mary and Jesus but also the Alpine landscape through the window. The painting depicts increasing realism with muscle shown clearly on Jesus’ thighs. The most interesting point is that Durer presented a rather fat and less beautiful Mary.
This Madonna and Child painted by Italian artist, Andrea Piccinelli, in early 16th century. Virgin Mary is breast feeding Jesus in this painting, a quite unique way to show the motherhood of Virgin Mary.
This is a painting by Jan van Scorel in 1530. Influenced by Durer, we could see the landscape behind the nude baby Jesus and a rather fat Mary. The facial expression of Mary and Jesus is natural and kind, more like an ordinary mother holding her baby.
Painted in 1632, Giovanni Lanfranco’s Madonna and Child shows the characteristics of the Baroque style including dramatic lights and darks, physically and psychologically real, and overlapping of figures. A kind and smiling Virgin Mary is using one hand to hold baby Jesus and the other hand to take care of her nephew St. John, fully depicts her tenderness and divine love.
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