Things that catch the eye

a mix of landscapes and neat works

I liked the colors and the mood the artist used for this work.
the details in this work are crazy
it is cool how the artist put detail in this work like all the little trees
I like how the artist captured sunset with the colors
this is just cool if it is made of glass
i like how it has a mystic feel with the colors and the subject matter
it is cool how the artist used shading to add the most detail
I am in awe of all the detail in this work
i like this one cause of the surreal look of this work
i like the how this work is all about the upside-down world
i think this is a cool surreal work as well as the detail
i like the mood that the artist gives using the color
I am just a fan of stain glass or glass work in general
I like the use of color in this work and it reminds me of a color wheel
this work has a nice surreal color to it
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