tHE BEAUTY of art

All these works of art are from the same time period, or close to it. They all focus on either nature, technological advances, family, or acknowledging famous leaders from the past. They all show he different styles/culture in that era. Each painting/sculpture has their own meaning of art and they are all unique and special in their own way. 

This painting shows when Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity. In the background you can see the putties helping him.
In this painting you see a woman petting his cat. She looks like she is isolated from the rest of the group shown in the background.
This painting focuses on detail. The stylish chair and rich attire shows he is wealthy.
This is a portrait of Alexander Hamilton. He is holding a good posture and the focus is on him.
This painting shows George Washington in the White House. It represents how Washington is a military hero.
This painting shows a blacksmith working. In the back, you can see a window showing Philadelphia's Walnut Street jail, a reminder of imprisonment.
In this painting you see a girl with a bird in her hand. The whole painting is focusing on the beauty of nature.
This painting is of James Madison in the white house. The colors of the painting is mostly dark except for his face.
This painting shows a mother watching her child. It looks like she is wealthy because of her attire and surroundings. It also looks like the child is sick.
This portrait is of the inventor of the telegraph. He became fascinated with the idea of sending messages via electric wire.
In this painting the main color is brown. The green plant is what stands out and grabs your attention.
This painting represent nature. You can also see farms in the background and wealthy couple as well.
In this painting you can see blackberries. Not only are they all black but there are red ones as well.
This painting is of a Native American. You can see his different customs/beliefs by the way he is dressed and the painting on his body.
This painting shows an undeveloped society (not advanced technology). It looks like a farm is in the background.
This painting shows the beauty of nature. All you can see is bushes and plants.
These are birds from America painted by Audubon. It looks like the birds are fighting for food.
In this painting you see three birds. There is he dominant bird and two other birds on a branch.
This is the bust of Benjamin Franklin. It is the most powerful and well-known portrait of Franklin.
This sculpture was done by Giuseppe Ceracchi. I looks powerful and furious.
This is a carved statue of a seated child wrapped in a cloak. It looks antique because of the cracks shown.
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