Kelly Reinhart


This sculpture shows emphasis because the curvy line stands out. It stand out because it is different than all of the rest.
This sculpture shows variety. variety is differences within the sculpture. All of the sculpture are of heads but they are all different
This sculpture shows shape. Shapes are 2 dimensional areas that have length and width. The things painted on this sculpture are shapes because that are 2 dimensional.
This sculture shows value. Value is lightness or darkness. On this sculpture his arms are darker and his chest is lighter.
This sculpture shows form. a form is a three devotional object. It has length, width, and depth.
This sculpture is a line. A line is a path that a dot makes. lines can be thick, thin, curvy, or straight.
This sculpture shows balance(equal visual weight). The sculpture has a kind of balance called symmetrical, which is where if you would draw a line down the center it would be similar on both sides.
This sculpture shows texture. Many different textures within the animals. Texture is the way something looks like it feels. For example the lion's fur has texture which makes it look more like fur.
This sculpture shows color. Color is light that reflects off an object. The colors in this sculture is red orange and yellow. These colors together are a color scheme. They are warm colors.
This sculpture shows rhythm because it uses the circles as a pattern. The circles gradually getting bigger gives the illusion of movement and draws your eye up the sculpture.
This sculpture shows space. the object is positive space. the gaps in the sculpture you can see through is negative space. negative space is the area around an object.
This sculpture shows movement. It shows a kind of motion called visual motion because she isn't actually moving, she just looks like she is.
This sculpture shows proportion. the man's body is proportionate. his head is the right size for his body and his arms are not to long or short.
This sculpture shows harmony because all of the spikes are all different sizes but they are still very similar. All of the spikes radiate from the same point and that are all black.
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