Dark Conflict | Daja Walker

My chosen theme is color. I chose this theme because color plays a valuable role when trying to find emotions and meaning within a piece of art. I also wanted to show how color sets the tone and mood for each piece.

This piece of artwork has its subject of an old crippled man who appears to be walking through a mass area of deceased bodies and walking with those who are still standing. The colors indicate depression or tragedy. The dead bodies prove the tragedy that has taken place.
This piece of surrealism is an overly exaggerated tall building. The dark colors may indicate darkness but it comes to complements and brings attention to the mass building. The top of the building it has a unique color of red which could symbolize trauma or danger.
This is a very strange image. Since the colors are very dark it takes a minute to actually see its subject. The subject appears to be two people riding on either a single two seater bike or two separate bikes. The colors compliment each other quite well where you can see just enough to feel something. The colors used for the people could symbolize their emotions and the sinister colors represent how cruel the world is around them.
This artwork is one of my favorites, it's a unique piece that catches you in thought about what it means. The light tan colored background can symbolize how the man see's his surroundings as a blank canvas. The artist choice to color the man black could represent his race or the man could simply have a sinister or dark soul.
The subjects are the random house hold items and fish. The dark colored background shows us how unimportant the background is, its irrelevance is shown with the lack of background. The bright colored items gives us a sense of happiness.
This historical piece subjects the men who appears to be of importance. The dark shaded colors gives us a haunting feeling of remorse. Their facial expressions looks like they are outraged or disturbed.
This piece is very dark but the blue shades created emotion. Blue usually symbolizes sadness, which explains quite a bit. At a graveyard a burial is filled with sadness and depressing which could explain the artist choice of shades of blue.
This nature piece has a different feel than the other pieces of art because it makes you feel at peace. The colors kind of contradict this feeling. The details of the artwork shows us that it is landscape in the tropical regions.
This piece is a confusing one because it seems to have no meaning. From a creative standpoint it could simply symbolize the mind of the adolescent. The mind of the adolescents consist of nothing but faint memories and thoughts of depressing confusion. This fuzzy like blob explains how anyone has ever felt.
This piece is more mythological than the rest because of its old and storytelling appearance. It was made with ink and paper which makes it look torn from an old book of some sort. The heavy shading indicate some sort of sadness or confusion within the two subjects. The shading set the tone for the story within this piece.
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