7th grade research(Johan Jongkind)

Johan Barthold Jongkind

Johan Jongkind was born June 3rd 1819 in Lattrop Netherlands. He was a printer and a painter who drew very detailed landscapes. His work represented the culture of Dutch landscaping while bringing a new idea to his paintings at the same time. Johan had learned his technique by painters and landscapist near him. In 1846 he had moved to Paris to work with another painter named Eugene Isabay. In Paris he had exhibited his work in 1848 and 1952 where he had won medals for his good work. His work was appreciated by many people who thought his work was good. Jongkind was big on impressionism and how light and the atmosphere and everything around it affected the painting and made the painting look very detailed. In his first ten years in Paris he was a person lots of people knew about because of his art. Around the same time period that he got is medals a place in Paris called Sojourn bought two of his works. The names of them were The Harbour in Harfeulr and Le pont de l’estacade. His landscapes were primarily near river banks, mills, the older parts of Paris, canals, and seacoasts. Although Jongkind had growing fame and good talent and passion for drawing landscapes he had problems. As he got further and more successful in life he would spend most of his money on drinks. Jongkind soon had a problem with alcohol and was going mental and crazier slowly. He had also spent a good amount of time trying to avoid creditors. Johan Barthold Jongkind died in a mental institution on February  9th 1891. 

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