Study of perspective

This work is made by water paint and it isn't detail. It looks like contour line,but it wasn't drawn by pencil
It was drawn by paint and used a lot of colors. I think the building used the perspective skill to be drawn. Light as well
The ballet class used drawn by paint. The colors are dark and depth. I can see the perspective.
The colors are dark, depth, deep, and the mood is strong. Nice paint technique.
This work used only white and black. This picture is dark, strong, clean. Depth and deep. The reflection on mirror is persective
Strong, dark, deep, and detail. Nice colors and perspective.
The mood is dark, strong, clean, and depth. The artist drew the shadow and the value is on the work
Strong, depth, and deep even though this work used lots of white. Drawn by pencil. Nice pencil technique
This picture is drawn by pencil. The shape came from a point which is the middle of picture
This picture is drawn by oil paint. The artist used whole place of paper and it is the perspective skill is used for the flower
Credits: All media
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