Artistic Music by Jack Constable

The theme that is displayed here in this gallery is that of art that has this musical aesthetic show through the different styles of art throughout history. The theme is meant to convey how many forms of music have evolved over the years, and also to demonstrate how music doesn’t always have to be heard, this gallery's purpose is to show us that music can also be seen.

This work seen here displays multiple musical instruments lying around and appearing to be in good condition. And a jovial feeling is captured through the lighting and organization of this piece.
This ancient instrument shows how the art of the design can have an effect on music being played. The patterns used also suggest older instruments had desire for certain types of flare.
A group of people have gathered in the field seen to listen to a musical battle between Apollo and Marsyas. And the lighting and storm clouds suggest that this battle could get ugly pretty soon.
From a musical stand point, this piece shows the majesty that comes from having a child, and the colors as well as cloudless sky, convey the happy song being sung by the angels above.
This is another piece with Madonna and musical angels. And while the lighting is different, and the color seems more dark, there is still a similar emotion as evoked by the piece seen earlier.
The young woman seen is practicing the piano with her instructor right by her side. However the distance from the subjects and dim lighting, suggest the practice session is not a good one.
Individuals on this here balcony are playing for an audience down below. The impressive part of this piece is how this heroic angle portrays the musicians as some kind of uplifting angelic beings.
This piece of art portrays a dog playing the piano. The colors convey a happy mood. And this piece doesn’t exactly fit into the theme of this gallery, but who doesn’t want to see a dog playing piano?
Here is Tchaikovsky conducting the Russian ballet. And a sculpture made of sand not only gives a interesting texture, but also shows evolution of art and music as Tchaikovsky made music with cannons.
This painting shows two people in a pasture adoring both music and each others company. The environment and happy colors suggests that the two individuals here are deeply in love with one and other.
Credits: All media
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