Life on a wall

In my gallery all the pictures depict real people and real life emotions. There is happiness, silliness, and anger. I love all the realness in each off paintings, it is like the person can literally walk of the wall.

This was the very first mural that caught my eye, and sparked my idea for my gallery. I love the expression of his face, the darkness, and somewhat anger.
The woman in the Mural just breathes live into me with her smile, she just looks so happy and in-love with life.
This woman looks like an everyday person that you would see walking down the street but her face is huge on the side of the wall This mural is also on side of a museum instead of the inside different
This mural just spoke to me when it was next to the Family & Youth Service Center
The silliness of this mural added more of a vibrant mood along with the other happy mural.
Having the guy in the photo that is actually painted on the wall really stuck out to me, I loved it. I just needed it to be in the gallery.
The mural is somewhat a mystery to me. The child's face looks sad, or lost, or just puzzled. Those eyes spoke to me.
This mural also adds to the mystery, with those piercing eyes that you can't help but to stare into.
Credits: All media
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