Suffering: An Inevitable Part of life during and after war

We have all probably had an experience in our lives which we considered to be traumatic. Some people are able to cope with these experiences and others not. According to some professionals and Sadhguru, an Indian yogi, mystic, author and philanthropist, suffering is a choice. Are all forms of suffering a choice? Even if you are going into battle? The experiences of war are something no ordinary person can empathize with. So, are the effects of war so strong that the people involved do not have the choice to keep from suffering?

War has been a tool of man for many years, but at what cost?
"In World War II it was determined that after 60 days of continuous combat, 98 percent of all those who survive will have become psychiatric casualties." --What Every Person Should Know About War, Chapter 6
In the documentary, "Where Soldiers Come From", we saw a group of young men before they went to war, during their service, and once they returned home. Upon their return, we observed that the boys were no longer the same. They had experienced too much, too fast, and too soon. It was evident that the war had taken a toll on them.
"How will I feel if someone in my unit is killed? It will affect you deeply..... You may feel guilty for surviving. You may wonder if you could have done more to prevent your comrade's death." --What Every Person Should Know About War, Chapter 6
"I'd become certain that I'd die, then certain that I'd live, then certain that I'd be wounded, then uncertain of anything."- Private Bartle, The Yellow Birds by Kevin Powers
"Daniel Murphy. My battle. He got killed in Al Tafar. He died doesn't matter." --Privater Bartle, The Yellow Birds 60 Private Bartle had to suffer the loss of a friend on top of the whirlwind of emotions he was already up against.
"I had never really paid attention to where I might end up, which is what I could control, and what mattered. I'd like to think I could choose well if given half a chance. But I had always done something else, always looking back instead on the nothing that remained in memory. I never got it right. All I knew was that I wanted to return to ordinary. I could not forget, then I'd hope to be forgotten." --The Yellow Birds p.222
"Combat stress, also known as battle fatigue, is a common reaction to the imminent and inescapable threat of serious personal injury or death.Signs of combat stress can appear long after battle." --What Every Person Should Know About War, Chapter 6
After war, soldiers feel a tug-of-war of emotions. They are faced with the experiences and feelings from their service.
The Old Woman in Candide has experienced death, rape, slavery, and cannibalism during wartime. Despite her traumatic experiences, she still manages to have a sense of optimism.
"The Wish to grasp the world and control it--I see its futility.The world is a spirit-like vessel; it cannot be controlled.One who would control it would ruin it;one who would grasp it would lose it."--The Daodejing, Chapter 29 This chapter from the Daodejing suggests that everyone embarks on a certain path for a reason. That reason or our circumstances are something we should not question or try and change.
War is sometimes a necessary evil. It should never be waged frivolously and it should never be forgotten that it comes with the burden of tremendous costs to individuals and society.
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