The moment of glory

  These pictures of this gallery are listed in chronology(depends on background of art works or pictures) and mash up. At first, Arts of Greek mythology between human and god, ancient to modern. And these works have a story about Greek mythology. Human is same as animal to god. So Greeks thought loved by god is the greatest glory.                                                                 Second, these works associated with god and sky. Many people think god is present in the sky. So people hard try to go to the sky, finally arrive the sky and moon.         Lastly, The works of various glory in modern world. Regardless of big or small events, anything can be glory if you think that is glory.                                                  There are many glories besides this gallery, regardless of time, space, personal, public, big and even small. So some people think that is a great glory but others not. How many do you think the works that the moment of glory in this gallery?                          

There are two gods, named Eros and Aphrodite, and a human named Adonis. And there are arrows of Eros which sweep someone off him feet when he touches them. Unfortunately, Aphrodite touches a arrow and sees Adonis at the moment so, she falls in love. she loves him so much but, he is fated to be died by hunting a wild pig. She knows his fate so she tries to stop him from going hunting.
There are a woman named Europa who is a princess of Phoenicia and a bull, actually a god named Zeus. He falls in love with her at the first sight so, he makes up his mind to kidnap her. He transforms himself into a beautiful bull and goes near her. she comes across it and mounts it. At that moment, Zeus flees to Crete with her.
The work is 'The Judgement of Paris'. There are three goddesses, named Athena, Hera and Aphrodite, and one shepherd named Paris. The situation is that they asks him who is the most beautiful goddess. In the end he chooses Aphrodite so, he is loved by Aphrodite.
Hercules is a most famous and strong hero in Greek mythology. He is born to Alcmene who is a human and the god Zeus. Hera who is so jealous and the wife of Zeus hates him so, he harassed in every single thing. He overcomes famous twelve trials in that situation. In the end, he is only man who becomes the god. Furthermore, his name means 'Glory of Hera' named by Zeus.
This figure is Greek and Roman mythology Icarus story. he is flying towards the sky to be a challenge. However, his challenge fails. But the story of people towards the human desire to know the sky.
Icarus is a reality. With the advancement in technology, people could fly around the sky. This figure looks towards the sky like the worship of the people and planes combined picture.
Many people are said to be a god in the sky. So God did come down from heaven, man? This work represents the skies to be born a man. Whether humans will want to return to the sky?
D-Day was the turning point in World War II that would lead to victory for the Allies in 1945. A lot of people regained freedom because of them. We should treat the bed of honor with respect.
Young and beautiful new queen's coronation seemed to promise a brilliant future. It was a signal for rebirth, the egg of the phoenix.
And finally, humans have escaped Earth. This picture is the first picture of the human race to the moon arrived. This photo is important picture of human history. Began in the days of glory. To sky
Voting during the historic and honour elections that brought democracy to South Africa. It paved the way towards a new democratic dispensation and a new constitution for the country.
Director Lim received a Golden bear award for lifetime achievement at the Berlin Film Festival. It is the first time that an Asian has ever been received.
Former Polish Foreign Minister Adam Daniel Rotfeld accepts the Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama on behalf of Jan Karski in 2012. Karski reported on the Holocaust of Polish Jews.
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