Women as the Inferior Sex

In "Antigone" and "Introductory Lectures", women are depicted as inferior to men. In "Antigone", women are slaves to men and are constantly reminded of their inferiority. Ismene states that "We are women and we do not fight with men. / We're subject to them because they're stronger" (Sophocles 5). Freud reinforces women's inferiority to men by insisting that women wish they were men. He argues that "the wish to be a man is found so frequently, consciously or subconsciously, in women" (Freud 191). In my exhibit, I argue that these two ideas are connected in that women wish to be men only because they live in a culture where men are deemed superior. You will find pieces from all time periods, which shows how long these ideas of women have pervaded our culture. Some pieces focus on men's domination of women, while others focus more on Freud's dream symbolism. All of them show how these views of women pervade our society.

Pluto's abduction of Proserpina is an allegory for male dominance over women.
Because women allowed men to dominate them, they became slaves of men. They followed men like sheep.
In an attempt to become equal with men, women tried acting like them.
The Countess, obviously a powerful woman, holds a gun in this picture. Guns are associated with power and the masculine.
Many women used phallic symbols, like this cigarette, in an attempt to make themselves equal to men.
Other Freudian phallic symbols are overcoats, hats, and umbrellas. The woman seems elegant and powerful to the observer, but this may merely be due to the picture's subconscious symbolism.
Though Amelia Earhart's feat was a feminist victory, there are erotic masculine symbols in this picture. Flying is a symbol for male erections.
Wood is a symbol for women. This wooden sculpture insinuates that this man is womanly, therefor inferior.
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