Element of Line

Artworks displaying examples of lines

Lines draw the attention toward the center pool
Here the lines create recognizable shapes that help stitch the picture together
Intersecting lines helps the viewer distinguish between contrast
The eyes of the angel and the cherub lead directly to the woman's eyes
The men who look forward make a line straight for where they are heading and the men looking down seem to know that they are in the presence of dead or wounded soldiers.
All the workers are staring off in different directions, making lines that lead off of the page; showing that they can't stand the heat coming from the iron bar
Both women's eyes make a line for the sky or perhaps the woman on the bottom is seeing herself as the woman in the air, her eyes staring at her
The soldiers eyesight lead down into the grave as well as the man with the gun pointing down into the grave
Eyesight of all the men make straight lines to the man in the middle of the table
The sun rays make lines out towards the desolated land, possibly signifying new life
Credits: All media
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