The fifty shades of red

I chose this painting because it looks like the sun is rising or falling reflecting off a river.
I like this painting because the bits of red really bring out the shapes and the rest of the painting.
I chose this painting because the red really pops out in the painting and makes everything else pop out.
I chose this because it shows what we had to go through so survive.
I like this one because they use the red to show the mountains and it helps form the river.
I like this because the red makes it look like a dark and bloody hallway.
I like this one because the red makes the graffiti pop on this dirty and destroyed wall.
The red in this really makes the purple pinkish color pop out.
The red flower is the perfect back drop for the chair its on and its on the perfect red for the surroundings.
I like the this one because the red creates the flower image in the picture.
I like this one because the red shows all the detail and the figures it creates the silhouette of everything.
The read creates the road for what look likes a city thats real busy.
I like the one because it looks like a star night a sun fall.
The red shows where they have built and where they are still building and it looks good with the whole construction vibe.
This one the red is soft it creates a sun setting fill by the ocean.
Credits: All media
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