America the beautiful

This gallery contains paintings of American Expansion from the East to the West and what the settlers saw along their way.

Emigrants Crossing the Plains shows how the expansion of America took place in the 1800's. The painting gives the illusion that the settlers are disappearing out in the distance.
Rough Riding Rancheros shows what emigrants did once they settled their land. The painting shows a couple of ranchers riding at night rounding up the cattle by giving the popping out illusion.
Morning, Looking East Over the Hudson Valley from the Catskill Mountains depicts a settler overlooking the plains on what is probably a pit stop to rest. The painting makes an emphasis on the sunset.
On the Beach shows ranchers bringing their cattle to the water to drink. The painting really emphasis on centering the the ranchers with their cattle and surrounding them with the mountains and water.
The Fountain of Vaucluse depicts a river flowing through a canyon and how peaceful the frontier was but also how dangerous it could be.
Blue Hole depicts what could be settlers stopping at a watering hole to rest. The tree line gives the illusion that the land has no end by disappearing towards the center.
The Caves depicts the land that was unexplored by settlers. It shows two caves away from emigrants and the trails. The painting has an illusion of realism due to the fact that the trees seem to pop out.
Among the Sierra Nevada, California captures the true beauty of western emigrants saw. The picture captures the dark side of the mountains to the light side and the peaceful nature of the animals.
Mist in Kanab Canyon, Utah captures the marvel that is the canyon by making it the focal point in the back of the painting and leading viewers to it by using the river as the leader.
California Spring to me depicts what settlers would see once they reached the west. The green pastures and clear blue skies. The soft colors and strokes used really make it feel like a calm place.
Credits: All media
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