This gallery contains pieces of impressionism art that I find interesting. 

I love this piece because it's something I would paint. It's outside, and there's animals which in my opinion makes anything better. This painting looks blurred. Also it uses light airy colors.
Looking at this painting I like it because it's darker than most impressionism paintings. It almost has an emphasis point. This painting still has lightness but darkness at the same time. The smoke brings in the airiness in the painting.
I like this image because there's an outdoor feel, but also being in a town. It also really puts you in a happy place as if you were there. This painting I feel emphasizes on the trees with the bright greens. Again with all these paintings the scenes look they were seen for a few seconds then recreated.
I like this painting because it looks like a place I would love to visit. It makes me feel peaceful, and makes me feel calmer for some reason. It is light in color but also looks like the paint is almost "whipped." Also it has more bright pastel shades instead of just bright colors or darker shades.
This painting makes me think that I'm a pirate working on ships. Also that it's set more at an older time rather than more modern places. This painting uses both light and dark colors. Also that they used the ship flag as the point of emphasis.
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