The Consciousness of Other

An exhibition into the lens of human consciousness, as experienced by the sudden disruption of oneself... the presence of "the Other".

One confronts the Other in a space that is both one's own, and not of one's choosing; and in that space apprehends the Other as an object within its consciousness.
It is by the mere appearance of the Other, that I am put in the position of passing judgment on myself as on an object, for it is as an object that I appear to the Other. -Sartre
It would follow that, hidden among the dynamics of interaction, the presence of the Other is oppressive. You are reduced to an object within their vision: parameterized. Their judgment causes anxiety.
The subjectivity of interpretations would have it that you construct one of your own, isolating your system. One learns not to see beyond themselves in these dynamics.
And so all becomes slave to the pattern-detecting structure of our thoughts, those things beyond ourselves are reduced to objects by which we extend our power over. Everything comes back to us, and our one interpretation.
We inject this interpretation into our language, flavoring pastiches of meaning in accordance with our own tastes. But our tastes are not all the same, causing a divide between our meaning and the meaning of others.
The larger that divide, the greater amount of meaning lost, to the point where there is no meaning anymore. It all becomes a simulation, by which we no longer look to the meaning of others, rather rely on our prejudice as a guide.
Those that appeal to our subjective meaning we connect with, those that do not we isolate further, further objectify them, make them less human since our very definition of human stands upon our identity of self, which they are not in line with.
They do the same to us, the ones that consider themselves different. And in doing so refuse to speak our language, to accept our meaning. More meaning is lost and we leave it to ourselves to fill the gaps.
The pinnacle is when they're no longer human, b/c when they are reduced to objects it's acceptable to change them to our liking. Harm no longer matters. It's in becoming heroes that villains are created. In becoming masters, that all is just matter for us to form.
Personally, I see existential and religious rhetoric about "meaning" as the fault for modern tension. War is caused because we are moral. My alternative would be to live without needing meaning.
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